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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 11, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we were first on the scene with live team coverage. tim tooten has reaction from students and parents. we began lowell melser, live in towson at county police headquarters. >> baltimore county executive kevin kamenetz is not wasting any time with the issuing an executive order to increase patrols at county schools, and to provide doctors with metal detecting wants to use as he called in suspicious situations. police are trying to figure out how this 13-year-old boy got the gun. they are also praising his teacher for bravery. another scare involving a loaded gun at a baltimore county school, this time it was stemmers run middle school in essex. police a tuesday morning, and eighth grade, 13-year-old boy entered the school with a hunting knife and a semi- automatic pistol, similar to this one as shown by police.
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>> this weapon is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, as large as the cellphone you have in your pocket right now. >> police say at the end of the first period, at around 9:50, the student pulled out the gun in the classroom that had about 25 students and a brave teacher. >> at the end of class, he produced a weapon, he first. at his teacher than his classmates, and then took the weapon and pointed it at himself. the students in the class began to flee the classroom. >> at the chaos and folded, the teacher who is only identified as a female wrestled with the student and got the gun away. >> the teacher immediately reacted and began to grapple with the individual, knocking the handgun out of his hand and to the floor. we know that damage occurred to the gun when it was knocked to the floor, and the teacher
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continued to restrain the young man and summoned help with the hand-held unit that she possessed. >> the student was taken into custody and the school placed on temporary lockdown. in light of this incident and one at perry hall high school two weeks ago, changes will be made very soon concerning school safety. >> we are doing a comprehensive approach to the entire school system and making sure we cover every single base. >> the suspect has been charged as a miner and his name is not being released. police tell us that if the gun was not properly locked, the adult honor of that gun will also be charged in this case. that is the latest here from baltimore county police headquarters in towson. let's head over to stemmers run middle school where tim tooten is standing by. certainly a lot of these kids were rattled by this.
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>> absolutely. students say their classmate actually produced a loaded handgun. here is what they say happened next. >> he started to swing around and aimed at people. he ended at the teacher. >> classmates of the 13-year- old suspect explain how their teacher help prevent a tragedy. >> it was enough time for students to run to safety and for police officers assigned to stemmers run to arrest the suspect. >> i was thinking that any of my friends could die and that i could die. >> i have known him for so long, i did not think he was going to do anything like that. >> parents were called at home by school administrators. most were unsure about what had just happened when they showed
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up at the school. even though the stemmers run campus was placed on lockdown, anxious parents wasted little time getting to the school to take their children home. >> who knows what is going to happen at any school now? i don't know how they are going to change that. >> i am very relieved. >> you can expect extra police and school counselors first thing tomorrow on the school campus. >> our first crews to the scene share these photos with us on live wire. you can see video tim tooten said as he and his crew headed to the scene at
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some good news for the perry hall student was shot inside the cool -- inside the school cafeteria on the first day of school. he is out of the hospital and back home, two weeks to the day after that event. 15-year-old fellow student gladden has been charged with the shooting. >> we have learned that the embattled of moscow judge has decided to retire -- the embattled judge has decided to retire. jayne miller is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> bruce lamdin will retire in october. his decision comes as a new complaint is thought about what he did when a woman when before
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him for help. it has become the court case heard around the state. the hearing before baltimore county judge bruce lamdin in which a 33-rolle woman pleaded for help. she told the judge her husband beat her and later tried to burn the house down. lamdin spent 30 minutes criticizing the woman, questioning her motives, and asking why her husband should be the one to get put out of the house. >> where is he going to live? >> and his parents. i cannot say it is our house? >> it is his house. i don't care what the police say. >> lamdin eventually granted the woman's request, but then told loman the order was worth almost nothing, with a husband in the courtroom. >> is just a piece of paper. he can shoot you right through it. that is no guarantee. >> we spoke to the lawyer for an
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advocacy group by phone. eckstrom many attorneys in maryland who would be excellent jurist. s bruce lamdin is not one of them and he should not be a judge. >> lamdin wrote us a letter last week complaining because we knocked on his door. he told us he was on vacation and often until late october. >> the decision to retire reface reappointment later this year. the chair of the state committee said they would that had a tough time. >> police have identified the couple in their eighties found dead in their home yesterday afternoon. investigators say the bodies were discovered in their home by a neighbor who was checking in on them after request by an out- of-state relative.
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the neighbor then contacted the police. detectives said they do not consider the deaths of the elderly couple random crime. investigators say they recovered a weapon. police say an adult grandson live with the peppers and they are in the process of locating him. >> ray lewis delivered an emotional eulogy today at the memorial for art modell. hundreds of people packed into the baltimore hebrew congregation today to say goodbye. barry simms joins us live with more on that service. >> art modell was called a legend, an innovator, and someone who genuinely cared about people. family, friends, ravens players and fans of the team gathered at baltimore hebrew congregation for final tribute to art modell.
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>> the question he leaves us with today is, if you do nothing else in life, what would you fight for? what legacy would you leave? >> art modell died thursday at age 87. he was remembered for his sense of humor, his jokes, some funny, some not, is bringing professional football back to baltimore, his compassion for those in need, civic contributions, and contributions to the national football league. >> his contributions to the nfl or extraordinary. the nfl was lucky to have art modell. >> his son talked about the strong bond they had with their father and his bond with the community. >> he used to tell us why sports teams were so important to the community, the need to pull together folks from disparate walks of life and supporter common cause.
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>> all of what this man has done all the way down the line, not only in football, but even out of football. >> governor martin o'malley said he helped make maryland a better place. >> it is a big loss. in times like this, we have to think of how much we gained by knowing art modell. he gave us back our pride. the day the ravens came back to baltimore and those moments we shared together with art modell, that super bowl victory. we got the bounce back and our step and all of us will be grateful to art modell for that. >> john modell shared a song he wrote when the ravens first footballltimore's team. he says he wrote that song about
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the ravens, but later realized it was also about his father. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> what a fitting tribute to art modell. coming up, a day of reflection inspire so many to take action. we look and help local residents are marking the 9/11 anniversary as a day of service. >> john harbaugh reflects back on a wild start to this season. hear what the coach has to say about the win over the bengals. that is later in sports. >> color than normal temperatures. the forecast is coming up. the forecast is coming up. 77 at ♪
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eckstrom many, the 9/11 anniversary serves as a chance to pause and reflect. hundreds have been inspired to give back to their communities. 150 volunteers picked up garbage, cut the grass, planted trees in one neighborhood. the volunteers come from six big companies in baltimore. they say september 11 is a perfect day to make a positive impact in their community. >> we may now have been affected directly here in baltimore, but this is a time to remember those who lost their lives. >> nearly 3000 people lost their lives as a result of the terrorist attacks.
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we are commemorating this day 11 years later. you can see the world trade center and pentagon through time, examine september 11 by the numbers and see how two navy ships share of 9/11 connection. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> if you were out and about early this morning, a bit of a chill was in the air, especially north and west of the suburbs. ocean city dipped to 49 for the morning low. for the north and west it was even chillier. 43 degrees and more pennsylvania. our western maryland down to 35 degrees this morning, a chill in the atmosphere. the official low for the day at bwi marshall is 51, 9 degrees lower than the average. we did not quite make 80
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degrees, just 79. this is last that the year were the average height is 80 degrees or higher. 100 degrees on this day back in 1983 is the latest in the year we have ever hit 100. all of the record highs from here on out are less than 98 degrees. 1.25 inches of rain so far this mont a little below normal. 23.72 inches for the year to date. the suburbs are dropping back into the low 70's from manchester to randallstown. eastern shore locations:-- cooling off now as well. high pressure is going to hold strong tonight. we saw little bit of cloud is moving into the area from the north and west. this will pass through early
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tonight and for most of the night it will be clear. 45 in the suburbs, 58 downtown. sunset's this evening at 7:21. the high pressure will stick around for wednesday through friday. you can see on the other side of this high pressure system, temperatures are little warmer. the coolest of the air will get pushed out over the atlantic. this front will arrive over the weekend bringing a couple of scattered thunderstorms saturday afternoon. the next four or five days are looking gorgeous. and i stayed to be on the bay, wave's -- a nice day to be on the day with waves about 1 foot. the two storms out in the atlantic have dissipated enough to not be tropical in nature. that is the last little bit of
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michael, moving out in the north atlantic. now the 14th tropical depression of the season has formed. this could well become a canadian over the next couple of days. it could become a category one hurricane in next three or four days. is expected to be getting stronger. thankfully it is no threat to land areas right now. mostly sunny friday, a chance for thunderstorms saturday afternoon, then partly cloudy again on sunday. >> this is 11 sports. >> the team now makes a quick and difficult shift from winning in week one to preparing for week 2, next sunday in philadelphia. today was mostly trading for the ravens organization. several of the players met the
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morning at the funeral for former team owner art modell. both here at the facility as well as the funeral service, the sentiment was unanimous. winning last night was the ultimate tribute to art modell. 44-13 in the season opener. the ravens got into the end zone first. ray rice on a seven-yard run with a reconfigured offensive line that gave the ravens a 10-0 lead. joe flacco went back on the attack in the second quarter with a beautiful touchdown toss to anquan boldin. the bingles bounce back as well, 17-10, reagan than front. the first defensive touchdown of the season for the ravens. ed reed becomes the all-time
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league leader in interception return yards. he put the raiders in front, 34- 13. a final came from ray rice, he had the first touchdown and the last touchdown. john harbaugh feel best about the status that mean the most, the final scores. >> he is a difference maker on the field. that is what he is as a player. how many touches is less concerning to me than in what position he makes the play. ed dixon will be our guest on wbal plus. you can see our interview with him.
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we will be talking about it tonight, straight ahead. the orioles resume the playoff race and the tampa bay rays rise for -- arrive for the playoffs. the action starts tonight at the yard at 7:05. tom tasselmyer is back to let us know it today spectacular weather will stretch across the next seven days. anncr: this casino's in west virginia.
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>> of baltimore woman remains homeless this evening after losing her house, and the city is billing or thousands of dollars for demolishing her house. as parents and students cope with yet another gun incident at a school, how educators are responding at a community meeting. meeting. those stories and
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>> these are major bonus days. >> sunny skies tomorrow and thursday, mostly sunny friday. comfortable during the day, lower humidity, cool at night. great running weather, getting ready for the baltimore marathon. scattered thunderstorms saturday in in clearing up sunday, then more showers monday and tuesday. >> that is a look at our news. thank you very much for joining us. we will see back here at 11:00.
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